"Pick up your camera. Shoot something. No matter how small, no matter how cheesy, no matter whether your friends and your sister stars in it. Put your name on it as director. Now you're a director. Everything after that you're just negotiating your budget and your fee." ~ James Cameron

Lighting For Film & T.V. – The Basics

A great post on ‘the basics for lighting’!
Learn the skills.
Apply to your film.
Teach others.
Happy Film Making 🙂

Through The Lens Film School

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We’ve briefly touched on some of the techniques required to become a successful camera operator in the “How to be a Better Camera Operator” series, (part 1, part 2 & part 3). This next series is going to be all about Lighting.

Why lighting? Well first and foremost we get asked about it a lot. We’ve had a lot of requests from people wanting to know more about how to light and it’s one of our most successful courses.

In the posts that follow, we’ll be discussing everything and anything to do with lighting, from the basics right up to more advanced, in depth knowledge. So let’s go!…

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Film. How can I help you?

Film Snippet

Low Budget. Low Experience.

All that matters is that you start somewhere. I did.

This is a snippet of a short film I did when I first started.

I was using a cheap camcorder, a ladder to hoist myself up into trees so I could get higher angles, a tripod-on a skateboard-on a carpet as a dolly effect, friends as actors, and a flimsy tripod.

I thought I would post a small bit of the film to show that even if you don’t have $$$ worth of film equipment, a story can still be told.

It also shows that although it may not be the best film, or the clearest storyline…you can still do it, gain experience and learn from your mistakes.

Happy film making 🙂

What I always tell people…

“What I always tell people is… Unless you are so passionate about filmmaking that you would rather live out of your car than not do it, find something else to do as a career and do filmmaking as a hobby. This industry is one of the hardest to break into and be successful. It takes a lot of passion and dedication for it to get anywhere…” ~ Ryan Connolly

Clay. Cardboard Box. Camera.

Ok ok you might be thinking it is a bit dodgy...yes it most definitely is...but I wanted to try it... so I did!

My First Claymation Attempt

So I started making little films here and there from the time that I became a teenager. I found some images from my first few films and I thought I’d base this post on my one and only attempt (so far) on CLAYMATION!

Nothing fancy…just me wanting to give it a go…

1. I was using bad quality cameras…but this didn’t stop me from making a film! Any camera can tell a story!

2. I was still experimenting with camera angles…although I was filming randomly shaped clay figurines in a painted cardboard box.

3. I’m obviously not an artist when it comes to claymation…but it was a really fun experience that taught me a lot!…especially about patience!

These images can be an inspiration to other aspiring filmmakers….

….because just like me…you don’t need the highest tech to start somewhere. All that matters is that you start!

If you are a wanting to make films...give claymation a shot. After you try to make a film like this you will have so much more appreciation for people who do it really well. Film makers who do claymation professionally are incredible!

Tropfest Australia 2012 Winner


Tropfest Australia 2013

Tropfest Australia 2012 has just come and gone with incredible films produced by such creative people all over the country.

With 20 years of short film behind them, Tropfest enters a whole new league in 2013, as it will be their 21st birthday!

Wouldn’t this be the perfect opportunity for you to make that film and to enter it into this film festival?

The THEME for Tropfest 2013 has been announced…and believe me…it is very exciting!

The theme is….WAIT FOR IT…….drum rolllll…..


More information will be given at a later date BUT for now….get out there and make your short film!

P.S.-Be sure to refer back to this blog for extra tips on how to make an impression with your film.

A Note To Aspiring Film-Makers

Hey all you aspiring film-makers!
I found an awesome post that gives great advice on STORYBOARDS!
This is a MUST if you are making a film…plan plan and plan!!!
Just as you need the ingredients to make a cake…you need a story to make a film. 😀

3 Simple ‘Homemade’ Film Tips

So you want to be a film-maker but you don’t have all the gadgets to make a PRO blockbuster film?

Stress less because you can make awesome films at home with simple technology that won’t cost a fortune!

1- What do I use as a video camera???

If you have a camcorder it would be very handy as you would be able to produce a film with good visual and audio quality. If you don’t have one you can use the ‘record’ settings on a normal camera or you can use your phone. Keep in mind that if you want better quality, the phone probably won’t be the best option. It all depends on your budget.

2- How do I keep the camera stable when filming???

I would recommend buying a tripod as this is your best bet on getting a stable image. Once again, if you don’t have one you can place the camera on stable objects such as chairs, tables, railings…etc. Use the environment around you.

3- How do I edit my films???

If you have a PC it should have the program ‘MovieMaker’ on it. This is a great system to edit simple films on. It will give you enough options to produce your on little film. If you have a MAC, it should have iMovie on it. Out of the simplified and cheaper editing programs this one is my favourite as it is easy to use and results in awesome films. If you did have extra cash lying around I would highly recommend buying an editing program called ‘FinalCut’ as this can give you additional editing options that will assist your film in appearing more professional.

Hope these tips helped and that you will soon use them to start producing your own work.

‘The Vow’ Film Review

When you watch the trailer of ‘The Vow’, you get a sense of excitement bubbling within you as you imagine that this film could be the next ‘Notebook’ if it succeeds. Similarly to the ‘Notebook’, this film is about a love story where one of the lovers lose their memory and the other has to learn to love them despite being unrecognizable to their partner.

As I watched this film I had great expectations, especially because Channing Tatum was one of the lead actors. I’m a huge fan of his movies, particularly the romantic comedies, as he always seems to bring humour to the screen. In ‘The Vow’ he played a more serious character as opposed to his general lighthearted characters in other films. I found that although he succeeded in portraying his character as the ‘worried and supportive husband’, he could not really commit to the story as James Garner did in the ‘Notebook’. Therefore, this film had less of an emotional impact on me than what I had expected.

The storyline had a wonderful beginning and I could see where I hoped the story would lead to, whereas the middle was a tad slow with Rachel McAdams character not making much progress in the recovery of her memory. I didn’t enjoy the conclusion of the film as much as I had anticipated I would, as the ending was not at all how I imagined it would be. I guess I prefer idealistic results rather than realistic ones…an explanation of why I didn’t find it ended as a ‘WOW’ factor.

Love is in the air

Overall, I would say this film is a great ‘rainy day’ film that involves romance, a bit of comedy and a couple of tears here and there.

I would rate this film 3/5.

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