"Pick up your camera. Shoot something. No matter how small, no matter how cheesy, no matter whether your friends and your sister stars in it. Put your name on it as director. Now you're a director. Everything after that you're just negotiating your budget and your fee." ~ James Cameron

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Tropfest Film Idea!

Wow wow wow! So today I’m meant to be studying for my exams…and out of the blue it’s just like ‘BANG!’

All I could think about was film college and film making and Tropfest! It was like BOOM boom BOOM… left right and centre!

Of course I just wanted to procrastinate, because honestly, who enjoys studying?!!! But but but (and please ignore the fact that I just started a sentence with the word ‘but’…3 times…)…I came up with a mega cool idea for my Tropfest Film for 2013.

Now I can’t go giving away all the details just yet…but I will give clues and post clips about my film making process for this festival. Whoop whoop! Can’t wait!

So clue #1: It will be innocent, funny and serious…ALL IN ONE FILM! Exciting stuff I know!

Happy film making 🙂

PS- How is your Tropfest film coming along? Would love to hear the details 😀


Tropfest 2013 Guidelines

It’s not long to go till the most amazing film festival that brings so many people together just sharing their passion for film/film making. If you haven’t checked out the Tropfest website yet…here are the guidelines for the films:


• Your film must be made specifically for Movie Extra Tropfest 2013
• Movie Extra Tropfest 2013 must be your film’s first public screening
• Your film must be no longer than 7 minutes (including titles and credits)
• Your film must contain the 2013 Tropfest Signature Item (TSI) “BALLOON”

I can’t wait to see all the films in 2013! I’m sure they will be magical…make sure your film is the one that makes me and the rest of the world go ‘WOW’!!!

Happy film-making 🙂

Boo! – Tropfest Finalist 2012

Tropfest Australia 2012 Winner


Tropfest Australia 2013

Tropfest Australia 2012 has just come and gone with incredible films produced by such creative people all over the country.

With 20 years of short film behind them, Tropfest enters a whole new league in 2013, as it will be their 21st birthday!

Wouldn’t this be the perfect opportunity for you to make that film and to enter it into this film festival?

The THEME for Tropfest 2013 has been announced…and believe me…it is very exciting!

The theme is….WAIT FOR IT…….drum rolllll…..


More information will be given at a later date BUT for now….get out there and make your short film!

P.S.-Be sure to refer back to this blog for extra tips on how to make an impression with your film.

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